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Reliable Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services In Orange County 

Ensuring Safe and Comfortable Journeys for Your Medical Appointments

Welcome to GFC & S Transportation

GFC & S Transportation, LLC offers non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in the Greater Raleigh/Durham area in safe and comfortable vehicles that are operated by professional, reliable drivers with clean driving records. We pledge to get our clients to their destinations with a level of care and compassion that raises the bar in the elderly and disabled care community.

Indira Velasquez,

 Royal Ridge

"GFC & S Transportation, LLC is absolutely fantastic, reliable and professional. Highly recommend!"

Lawrence Adrian, Cedar Valley/Forestview Heights

 "I have used this service several times to carry me to and from medical appointments and have been very satisfied with the service. Ken has always been exactly on time to pick me up at my home and with plenty of time to get me to the appointment. He has been more than accommodating."

Angela Clemente,


"I have used GFC & S Transportation for my sister's doctors appointments. Amazing service! He is prompt and so kind and caring. He treats his clients like family. My sister felt secure and happy."
Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

What We Provide


Non Emergency Medical Transport 

Our non-emergency medical transport service is tailored to offer secure and dependable transportation for elderly, disabled individuals, and those requiring medical care. We ensure full HIPAA compliance, and our services are fully licensed and insured. Our dedicated team assists with wheelchair transfers and provides personalized escort services, ensuring clients reach their destinations safely and are acknowledged by the receiving staff.


Transportation Locations 

We offer transportation services to a wide range of locations, ensuring you reach your necessary appointments and care facilities. Whether you need to visit medical and dental offices, dialysis centers, chemotherapy sessions, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, retirement villages, adult day care centers, or have special needs, we are here to provide reliable and compassionate transport.


Hours of Operation

Our transportation services are available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. We also offer after-hours and weekend services upon request. Self-scheduling is available for your convenience

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